You Know You Fucked Up When @9LostBoi Let’s Curt Hurt Come Out To Play

In the past few months, Lost Boi has given hints about the new direction of his music career. He’s spoken of adding “more of a grunge feel” to his tracks and has recently changed his social media avatars to photos of Kurt Cobain. Aside from the Nirvana references (“Rockstar”), Lost Boi has even introduced a new persona: Curt Hurt.

“Shoutout My Haters” was our first taste of this character, but “FUCKTHATSHIT” is actually the first official Curt Hurt single. Loud, intense and full of ardor, Curt Hurt informs us of his inability to chill and his need to rage. The track clocks in at one minute and twenty-five seconds, but Curt brings just enough energy to open a pit and rage.



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It’s Nothing Personal, @Scxrlettfrvr Has Just Been Trappin Too Long

The approach Ever Scxrletts take on “Scarlett Mansion Freestyle” is childs play. Effotless. The wilder the lines, the more indifferent Ever sounds.

“Between the world and me, it ain’t personal, but you might die…nigga.”

Ever is not playing around, giving us a crystal clear visual of what he’d do, letting us know it’s nothing personal. Ever has a lot to say about the people in his circle, pointing out their shifty ways and inflated egos.

“Niggas ’round me fake egos now…”

There’s no signs of slowing down with this natural flow, but what makes this track interesting is the way Ever chooses to express himself with back to back metaphors and allegories especially ones having to do with sight;

Seeing through the viel it’s like agartha

Looking at the gold I let it sparkle

Seeing through my heart like garçons

Interesting use of senses. But what really brings this track together is the guest vocals from Alex Piper. The “yeahs” and the “woahs” definately fill the gaps, but man does Piper know how to add a new inflictiom to his voice that give this track a bit more life.

All-in-all, Ever gives us a dope track.

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Flooring The Pedals With Ease, @thelilhbk Gets Lyrical On Quentin’s Diary

We’re introduced to this track with a single instagram post and the caption; “I wanted to spit some real shit about my life and life in general so I made this very lyrical song titled, Quentin’s Diary.”

Quentin’s Diary opens with HBK detailing his stuggle with temptation for a quick come up over a light piano trail tucked underneath a banging boom bap beat.

Devils keep telling me

I ain’t gonna make some money ‘less I start sellin weed

Moody with no dank, HBK goes back and fourth between a calm, awareness and melancony paranoia. Things are moving fast in HBK’s life. Still in high school and new to life, he manages to process the loss of friends, being in a different location every night and taking a stand by demanding more for what he’s worth.

He’s about to go up, so why wouldn’t he demand more?

After four minutes, the track switches and adds electronica elements.

I’m just a human, no, I’m not perfect

Again, HBK is aware with a positive attitude. On the second half of the track, HBK relaizes there’s inspiration everywhere as he reflects on being homeless in the past and now having the power to have more meaning behind his movement, but not sure which direction to take.

His aim is to be respected and it looks like he’s on the way to gaining that because his work ethic is unmatched.


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Count Your Blessings Because @Modeine27 & @Steeloforeign Are Pulling Up With Them Demons

With the opening line being “I pull up with them demons,” Hop Out is – in a way – a word of caution for anyone thinking they can try or say some stupid shit.

Modeine wastes no time at all to come at the ones playing games or direspecting his rhymes as he floats with awareness comfortably over Steelo Foreigns clean production.

Modeine gives the listener two minutes and seventeen seconds of flames. Straight fucking flames. He goes back and fourth between his past and present state of mind and even gives us a glimpse of his lowest point in 2013 which explains his low patience.

…I got an anger problem, don’t be sayin stupid shit

At some point, we all realize some of the people we are surrounded by can be foeish. Instead of getting stuck in a loop, Modeine gets to work and focuses on keeping his pockets swole.

That focus must be paying off because he delivered one hell of track.


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LAME NIGGAS BEWARE: @desauve & @hellasketchers Are Letting Y’all Have It With “Stone Cold Stunner”

Clocking in at one minute and fifteen seconds Sauve and Hella Sketchy manage to create an air of skill and mastery. With Sketchy’s sweet bells and production guiding the track and Sauve’s slick, effortless one-two punch flow, these two make one hell of a collaboration that’ll definitely make a first time listener keep an ear out for more.

In such a short amount of time, Sauve is able to touch on a wide variety of topics. Some topics including: Sauve having no fear when it comes to anyone testing him, money numbing his pain and cementing his loyalty to 4:AM with a neck tattoo.

If a nigga test me then we put him in a coffin

Just from that line alone, we know Sauve is not playing with any of you lames.



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The Masked Crusader @xlenaturel Drops A Legendary, Hair-Raising Blend Featuring @xxxtentacion

NTRL, Natural or Le Naturel gives us a peek into his upcoming blend tape , mashing up “ILOVEWHENTHEYRUN” by XXXTENTACION with Pistachio By Geode.

An interesting blend to say the least. Futuristic and intense. NTRL hit us last year with an edit of Magnolia by Playboi Carti which reveals his knack for completely altering a song, maintaing its groove and giving it a different, yet atmospheric vibe.

Always seen with his laptop open, NTRL is quite prolific with his edits, blends and mixes. Set after set, mix after mix…NTRL is coming into his own with a strong, polished sound.






Max Wells & Foreign Forest Are Feeling Blue In Fall ’17


Max Wells and Foreign Forest come together to create an intense, stellar track called “Blue.” The grueling track brings us some interesting vocal manipulation and vivid lyrics.

“Think of it as a rebuilding period,” Max Wells tells us.

Only 3-Tracks long, Fall 17 manages to capture a series of events that happened in the spring, over the summer and then in the fall. It’s apparent the project has a big focus on a previous relationship, especially with Max’s tracks “I” and “We Still,” but “Blue” is something else.

“Blue” starts off very tenacious, setting the tone for the project and we’re given a full blown story that gives us the details of those chilly days. With an interesting style, a heavy tone and wild production, Max and Foreign bring this track to life.




Sauve’s New Album ‘Going Far’ Is Out Of This World

The rap game has taken an interesting turn ever since Sauve dropped his new 18-track album Going Far. Full of massive, knock out tracks with production from  Tori 4AM, Dunnaveli, Sexysnake, QuaybandzBeatsbytre and Steelo Foreign – Sauve comes in harder than ever before, setting himself and the 4:AM gang up for an insane year.

From Walk to Tinder Swipe to Gameboi Sauve there’s a  playful, yet ruthless tone sprinkled throughout. We first heard Walk being played during soundcheck at #FreshBaked and were left in shock to realize it was Gameboi Sauve himself. It’s an instant ear catcher and Dunnaveli absolutely fucking crushed it on their end with the production.

From Dunnavelli’s hell-raising bass and sonar pings and Sauve’s killer Freddy Kruger flow, these two managed to create not only one hell of an opener, but one hell of a battle cry as well.

The album progresses with soft, lush tones and some impressive features from Trae Cane, Lost Boi, and Lil Juice.

On Like Mike, Sauve effortlessly coasts on the track with a smooth chorus, but the standout line is:

niggas wanna live my life,

but dont wanna pay the price

Trae Cane continues this idea with a line like:

Most of these niggas is passive

I make the money do backflips

These lines, this collaboration reveals an idea of what true hustling is.

Lost Boi takes the lead in Blastoff  bringing in the out of this world vibes. Along with Lil Juice giving us a taste of the slower, in your feel vibes.

The rest of the album displays Sauves versatile ability as an artist. Expanding on his narration, ad-libs and experimentation, Sauve makes Going Far a purposeful evolution towards stardom.


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