When we last encountered Khayos Kel, he was hellbent on a lionhearted mission to be the leader for the new era of punk. He followed up our previous interview with the release of ‘Rager 616,’ ‘4ever Gone,’ and his most recent track ‘Hakisho’ – remaining true to his word.

‘Hakisho’ is yet again, another stand out moment in his catalog. In two words, it’s absolutely stunning. We’re greeted with fourty five seconds of booming bass and shimmering arps that Khayos uses to artfully create a clear image of a world only suited for vampires and punks alike.

This is just a slither of what else Khayos has in store for us this year. With his urgent and energetic flow, use of punk guitars and previous tracks and his droned out vocals, we’re sure this sound will develop into a full blown lifestyle on his upcoming album Heartlust Shadows.


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