Fresh off the stage of Expired Milk’s Virtual Fest, we caught up with T-HallMP3 who has been steadily working on an acoustic album that is packed with new renditions of tracks from his Mink Coat T-Hall album. T-Hall has even hinted at a possible ukulele version of one of our favorite and playlist-worthy tracks, “Spicy Lil Thang.” That track was our first introduction to the lively and swagged out T-Hall we’ve come to grow as fans of. As we dug deeper into his collection, we discovered that he holds the capacity to forge both breezy guitar-led ballads and bombastic pop anthems. In this interview, T-Hall takes the time to discuss reaching new heights by setting challenging goals, creating music that makes him happy, and his musical influences.

You’ve stated before that you’ve been social distancing “before it was cool.” Now that it’s the norm, are you still in your element or have things changed?

When I said I’ve been social distancing, I meant like, I never really left the house. I’ve never been one to go clubbing. I always liked to be a homebody. This made me just want to stay home and work on more music. This pandemic has been a blessing and has forced me to sit down and get better. I’ve been writing like crazy.

You wear your heart on your sleeve and are incredibly open. Has your music always been this honest or is this a new development?

I’m not afraid to say how I feel because sometimes it feels like no one is listening in the first place. Songs are just a bookmark in time for me. When my grandma died back in 2015, I wrote a song about that. It felt good to be able to express those raw emotions how I needed to express them. I know people want the “Mink Coat” T-Hall, but I can’t be always be swagged up. I knpw people also want the “Sad” T-Hall, but I don’t always want to be sad. I’m just going to make whatever emotion I feel at the time. My dad actually asked me, “Why do you always make sad music?” I dont feel that it’s sad music because it makes me happy. Making sad songs makes me happy. Theres beauty in that. I feel like I’m not alone. If it makes me feel like that, it might make someone else feel like that.

You are constantly working. 20+ Releases. Where would you say your hunger for success comes from?

My hunger comes from my dad because he was always hard on me growing up – strict with how I spend my money. That has made me invest more and made me hungrier in general. I don’t want to settle for less. I don’t want to be average. I want to be great. I want people to know who I am for being a good person and having great achievements. The hunger for success hurts sometimes because I feel like I’m falling behind a lot. I feel like I’m not dong enough. I get in a mindset where I think, “Maybe this is all my fault,” “Maybe I shouldn’t have pursued music if I wanted to be successful,” “Maybe I should’ve just…I don’t know…become a pilot…or do something.” I always pictured myself being a great musician, playing shows in front of thousands of people. I’m trying to manifest that. I’m going to keep going down this lonely road. It’s lonely. Very lonely, but nothing great comes easy.

Would you consider Mike Posner to be one of your influences?

Some of my biggest influences are Mike Posner, Blackbear, and Linkin Park. Those are the mainstream influences. I have a lot of local influences, too. I would be lying if I said that Platuz (the man who produced the Mink Hall T-Hall project) wasn’t an inspiration. That dude…man…that was a whole experience. The first time going to Elevate studios and recording with Platuz was an eye-opening experience because I realized that I don’t know everything and that I can become even better. Everyone at Elevate: Steelo, Mask, Mason, and Zeus. They’re all influential. I look up to them. Shout out to them. Shout out to my friend London. He helps me with videos and also helps me with production. Shout out to Teddy. He’s doing things. It’s crazy. Go, Teddy! Keep going. Shout out to Jedi512. I appreciate all the love that he shows. He’s a very very kind individual. There’s so much influence. I’m happy to be a part of this scene.

What should we keep an eye out for from you in the future and which of your most recent projects do you think we should revisit?

I’m not thinking of any albums any time soon. Just singles. Just a few singles here and there to keep the algorithm happy. I’d like for everyone to check out my project Temporary. Temporary is entirely produced by Mason Flynt. That’s an intense and emotional album. It’s an album you’ll want to lay down and listen to at night. It’s about love drama. It’s an intense album from front to back. I think that’s my most slept on the project, but it’s always a good time to go back to listen to Mink Coat T-Hall. When I feel down, I put that one on to remind myself I have the sauce. I’m thinking about releasing Mink Coat T-Hall 2. I have a lot of songs. I’m going to be dropping into next year. I have a lot of songs coming. Be on the lookout for T-HallMP3 somewhere.

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