HVN Transforms Into A “Demon” With Last Nights Single Release

HVN, Demon

Less than 24 hours ago, HVN made an Instagram post with a simple caption, “Out everywhere @ Midnight. Thank y’all for everything. #demon #don’t die.”

“Demon” is one hundred and twenty-six seconds of HVN boldly spitting on a diabolical beat with heavy bass and even heavier ad-libs. The producer makes use of incredible key arrangements and HVN does not shy away from displaying his raging energy throughout the track with the layered ad-libs and the occasional, but matter-of-fact lines that mention HVN effortlessly stealing the attention of your main girl, taking your belongings for no reason and not second-guessing the need to be cutthroat if it comes down to it. If you’re one of the unlucky few that lost your girl to HVN, this track hits a little close to home. If you’re a fan, though, you’re raging along with him. It’s demon time.

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By @isispayne_

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