We recently came across a San Antonio based artist with a set of pipes named TARA. TARA has released a slew of tracks touching on the need for normalcy, learning self-love and not being satisfied with the pace of her career. We were impressed with the talent brewing and shot over a few questions for a quick interview.

How did you go about picking your stage name?

I actually had a previous stage name the first time I dropped music in 2019. It was Baby T. It was a nickname I had from years before – from high school years. That should’ve been a hint it was bad. One day, I was listening to “Kendrick Lamar” by Kendrick Lamer. I looked up the lyrics and basically, it was about how K.Dot was Kendrick Lamar’s first name. He says, “Fuck a stage name. This was the name I was given.” That really hit me because I’m not just talking about mindless shit. I’m talking about real shit. So why would I have a fake name if I’m talking about real shit and trying to be real? So that’s where TARA comes from. That was my given name.

How long have you been performing and what was your first “official” performance like?

I was a competitive cheerleader for most of my life. I’ve been performing for a long time. I love performing live. The first time I performed was at a venue in San Antonio called Paper Tiger. When I performed my first ever set, the AUX chord kept falling out and the microphone kept popping. The sound guy just looked at me like I was dumb -irritated. I just said “fuck it” and I dropped the mic, finishing the rest of my set acapella. It w as a great experience because it showed how great of a live performer I am – especially under pressure.

We did a bit of creeping and noticed a ton of retweets of an artist name Sizzy Rocket. Would you say Sizzy is a major influence of yours?

Sizzy is definately my biggest inspiration. I learned to play the keys because of her. She’s everything. Artist wise and person wise, she empowers us so much as women. She empowers us to use our sexuality and the good things about us that others may see as weak. She empowers us to be who we are. I love that about her. Her music is right up my alley. I love singing to her music. I love watching her perform.

How do you go about writing your songs? And what’s your favorite you’ve written so far?

Usually I, retain a beat. I have a producer who is my boyfriend’s good friend. He has beats in a vault ready for me. I sit down. I pick a beat with the vibe I’m on. I flow with the beat. I honestly put a lot of bullshit down and by the end of me sifting, deleting and typing…I have the outline for a song. I work on it for the next few days and it’s done besides a few minor tweaks. My favorite song I’ve written so far is called “Cotton Candy Skies.” It’s unreleased. I’m excited about it and it’s definitely my favorite piece of writing so far.

What are you working on these days and what else can we expect to see from you this year?

I have four unreleased songs sitting in the vault. I don’t know if they’ll be out by the end of this year because I wanted to do an album with the three singles I’ve already dropped plus some new shit. Timing is everything, though. Whenever I feel it’s right to drop something, I drop it. My focus though, is on Loud Fest 2020. It’s in Houston, Texas. It’s the biggest Summer Indie Festival in Texas. It’s the 3rd Annual one. One hundred of us was picked to perform and pretty pumped. It’ll help me get my name out there. More exposure. I’m sure excited to perform in Houston.

You can find more from TARA @itstaraofficial.

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