Nicholas Whipps and Andwan Zonez are feeling just fine on their latest project OuiSi.

Following the release of “How You Feeling Inside,” Andwan Zonez and Nicholas Whipps release another collaborative effort titled OuiSi. Together, this collection of tracks is translated as “yes” and “yes” in both French and Spanish. Oui Si. Pronounced as “We See,” – hence the eye on the cover art.

The first track, “I’m So Fine,” makes use of otherworldly vocal chops over glossy pads and grainy keys. Nicholas naturally takes the lead, opening with the chorus.

I’m so fine

I’ve been feeling so flimsy

Must be summertime

Everybody won’t kiss me

Bitch, don’t make cry

I’ve been too busy

But I feel alright

I guess I feel alright

Andwan follows with his verse, touching on topics such as figuring out his role, facing his opps, and never folding in the face of envy with the thoughts of eventually providing more for his family motivating him. Nicholas hops on and mentions a similar sentiment, mentioning being slept on despite the paid dues. It’s a reflective track. A slow build-up. The grind.

If “I’m So Fine” is the build up, then “Be Nice” is the flow. And each track follows the pace, matching the overall tone with the otherworldly sound mentioned previously. The track “Please” specifically takes that otherworldly sound to the next level with it’s reminiscence to the X Files theme.

Throughout the project, ours ears are hit with the “I Want That Purple Stuff” tag, indicating Nicholas is the mastermind behind a majority production. Andwan also makes his mark with production on the tracks “Benji” and “Going Left.” On “Exhausted” and “I’m So Fine,” the two put their heads together through and through. FRom vocals to production. Following those, there are more tracks with upbeat vibes as the two artists harmonize with heavier use of vocal effects. There are only a two features, though. Vontay Galaxy makes an appearance on two separate tracks “Going Left” and “PSA.” 00Slevin makes an appearance on the stand-out track “Running” which features an interesting interpolation of t.A.T.u’s “All The Things She Said.”

The lead single “Let You Down” is the second to last track. The come down track. Nicholas Whipps is again on the hook and Andwan again, steps in with his refreshing flow. The track is laid back with a west coast bassline.

The last and final track “PSA” is the stand out for us. Low, fluttering winds and steady percussion give Andwan, Whipps and Galaxy plenty of room to air out some more introspective thoughts. The project is a solid one and you can find the entire project on all streaming platforms.

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