CANDY BLUE LIKE SCREW, Deezie Brown & EC Mayne

Deezie Brown and EC Mayne come together to give listeners a collaboration washed in Southern drip titled ‘Candy Blue Like Screw.’

Candy Blue Like Screw features laid-back production, smoldering vocals and plenty of nods to Southern culture. Those nods are prominent in “South Side,” “Screwville,” and “North End.” On our personal favorite track “Screwville,” Deezie formulates a plan to navigate the “haters, plots and schemes” over a sweet, bass-led track. Deezie also reflects on his frustrations with the only “way out” being one of three options: sell crack, play ball or rap. Despite the the lack of options, Deezie decides to shoot his shot and go with music – a more positive route. The track “Screwville” eventually slows down and fades into an entirely new beat with Rhodes keys now over powering the bass. EC Mayne touches on topics such as maintaining respect, honoring the greats that paved the way and loving his city, yet having to avoid it due to the “crabs in the bucket” mentality.

Deezie and EC both talk to us with a vulnerable, yet matter-of-fact stand point with the entire project touching on subjects of hope, loss, success and makes a point to use classic Southern fixtures such as gospel, chopped & screwed and twangy vocals.







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