Wifigawd, Born From Hate Vol. 2

This past Sunday, WIFIGAWD followed up his last single ‘4 Phones’ with the second volume of BORN FROM HATE. The project features production from StoopidXool, Yung Brando, Trip Dixon, Curtis Heron and a few more talented others. The producer credits are, for lack of better term, insane. The album is “rare,” making it strictly available for streaming on BandCamp. The reception from fans has been positive, but there is plenty of confusion about the price.

The late Nipsey Hussle priced his 2013 mixtape Crenshaw for $100 and received the same bewildered response from fans. Crenshaw ended up selling out the day of release and even caught the attention of Jay Z, who purchased ten copies. You can do the math. When asked the reasoning behind the price, Nipsey explained that he wanted cultivate a level of engagement, connection and respect from the fans by ensuring that his product was of quality.

His inspiration behind the pricing came from a restaurant that sold a $100 phillycheese steak. The same response followed. Confusion. Public slander. But shortly after, something shifted and the restaurant became a status symbol, bringing in the likes of Oprah and other notable public figures. If the value is there, the support will come. WIFI proves that the value is there by carefully cultivating a solid team of producers with his hair-raising vocals and signature flow.



Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/wifigawd/


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Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/obviousprop


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