Khayos Kel has produced a collection of slick and artful tracks over the past four months with sincere intentions of “bringing punk back.”

Khayos conjures his interpretation of punk on “Retropunk,” “Empyreus Love,” and “Moon Night.” His stand out moments though, are with his tracks “Vampyre Heart,” “Trap 18,” and “Red Beam.” Khayos has a skittish and energetic flow on “Red Beam” that bleeds into the other two tracks, illustrating his ever-changing adaptability. His vocals are different from one track to the next, applying auto-tune on some and heavy distortion on others to fit the context of the song. The adaptability is refreshing, even haunting. His most impressive track, “Empyreus Love” plays on his soft vocals while exploring themes of loneliness over celestial pads and gnarled, heavy guitars.

“In the darkness no you’re not alone.

Self-destructive… ’bout to blow.

Take the chains off me.

Can’t be controlled.

Are you by yourself?

Do you really know?

You took the wrong way down the lonely road.

The vision is clear. Kel is not only wishing to bring punk back, he’s wishing to completely transform it. On “LOTUS,” Kel is smooth with his “young nigga shit” confidence. On “Moon Night,” Khayos ponders his contradicting actions, wishing to stay away from an unknown lover. “Walking through a storm all day. Walking all alone in the rain.”

Khayos Kel is best summed up as the beginning stages of something special. Khayos has shown range in terms of sound and lyricism, inching closer and closer to distinct signature sound. With the release date of his upcoming EP Heartlust Shadows drawing near, we can all finally expect to hear what he was aiming for this past year. In the meantime, peep the interview with Khayos below to hold you over:

How did you go about picking your name?

From the concept of trouble in paradise , I made chaos in paradise. Everyone goes through some type of chaos or crucible in their lives, and it can break you or make you stronger. I took chaos and made khayos, I manipultated the word into my own brand. 

How has punk music influenced your “punk star” image?

I’ve always been fascinated by the whole punk scene. I started listening to and researching punk about 2 years ago. Ever since I immersed myself into the aesthetic punk has been influencing my style and music ever since. I really like punk in the 70s 80s and also post punk. A feel like a lot of amazing sub genres came from punk rock. 

How has the move from Texas to California impacted your music career?

The move from Austin to Cali has been a real life changer. Ever since I’ve been here I’ve grown personally and musically wise. Out here I get a lot of support from brands, other artists and producers. I feel like I have a lot more resources out here to be successful then I did in texas and I’m grateful for that .

What is one of your favorite tracks that you have made so far?

One of my favorite songs is Vampyre Heart, I’m so psyched to shoot the video for it , I have the clear vision for how I want it to turn out. My other favorite is a song that’s on my upcoming EP Heartlust Shadows.

What were your music goals before COVID and how did you adapt with it to continue creating?

Before COVID I was taking a break from music, because a lot was going on,  but I did stay inspired during that time. I honestly didn’t really have any plans music wise. But I can say after COVID started, is when I got back into music full force , creating nearly everyday wether it be music or different forms of art.  I started creating more and more sounds , experimenting with different flows and, genres . One of my producers that I met this year from UK , we created a whole new sound for my next project. He’s the one who produced vampyre heart

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