After the run with his 4/4 series, Jaron Randolph carried the momentum by dropping his luscious, melodic track “Gossip.” Randolph’s style has always been mellow, but “Gossip” is leaning especially on the lighter side with the instrumentation and Jaron’s more in your face use of singing. Jaron’s flow has always had a sort of sing-rap cadence, but it has become more apparent with “Gossip.” Little did we know, this style would evolve into his two new tracks “Rosepetalwraps” and “Patience.”

[Dramatic Music Plays] is a two-track project; or a “2-Pack” as Jaron calls it.  “Rosepetalwraps” and “Patience” are both guitar-led tracks with little to no percussion and a keen focus on Jaron’s vocals with subtle effects. We’re used to the ominous Jaron with the knocking drums and muffled bass. Although we’re used to that, it’s refreshing to know that Jaron is willing to experiment and keep pushing his envelope

Check out the two-pack below and be sure to be on the lookout for his next track which is coming sooner than you think.


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