RAM just won’t quit. With the “lockdown” going on, it makes sense that his response is to simply bunker down and get straight to work. Week after week, Ram has hit us with back-to-back banging tracks. The first being “Jump” which was followed up with “ALil Bit,” “ok,” and most recently “How I Get Down.”

We’ve heard the song “Jump” once before. RAM performed it live a few months back at Empire Control Room for the Dirtbaglife Showcase during Free Week 2020. Just like the title, the song prompts you to get up and well, jump with the action-based lyrics and heavy bass. It was a memorable performance and its nice to know we can finally stream it on a loop from here on out.

Heavy bass seems to be the signature of  RAM as it is one of the key elements on his tracks “ALil Bit” and “Jump.” The other two releases “ok” and “How I Get Down” take a subtle approach with light pads, a skillful use of autotune, and straight-forward lyrics. We’re digging the range over here. Be sure t check out the tracks below, so you’re not left behind with his next release.


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