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Nicholas Whipps, NEW

Following last months single ’95’, the steadfast artist Nicholas Whipps is back at it again with four tracks on his latest project New. The simple title is an abbreviation for Nicholas Eli Whipps – a reintroduction to listeners old and new.

Nicholas Eli Whipps is a methodical Hip-Hop artist based out of Austin, TX. The underdog has been hustling non-stop and continuing to release music despite the massive roadblock that is COVID-19. His most recent release ’95’ landed a spot on the Rap Fiesta playlist after gaining the most votes for their live stream contest. That means he’s a fan favorite and there is something serious about this guy. Nicholas has been maintaining a serious level of drive, by taking his artistry to the digital plane with consistent live sessions featuring his bass skills, exposing fans to different sides of his music. Expanding and experimenting seem to be his main goal with this mini-project.

“I was a little self-conscious about dropping them [the project]. I feel like it’s different than what people are used to hearing from me, but I do want to be that kind of artist. I have a lot of different inspirations.” – Nicholas Whipps

The project reveals a bold style with more focus on melodic-rapping and interesting soundscapes with distorted guitars as heard on ‘TTTDS (The Things They Don’t See)’. The tracks are all less than two minutes, which ramps up the replayability due to the strong chorus’s associated with its standout percussion. Looks like this guy has cracked the code

Time to cash out, Nicholas.

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