Sias, Blurry Visions

For the past six weeks we’ve found ourselves diving a little deeper into SoundCloud than usual. With these kinds of deep dives, the entire terrain of Soundcloud inevitably ends up looking the same. Every artist, every track; hell, even the cover artwork ends up blurring together. Sooner or later, though, we ultimately end up stumbling upon something special. In this case, that special something was a track titled, “Crazy.” “Crazy” is featured on the striking project Blurry Visions by Sias that was released on Soundcloud less than a month ago. No wonder it sounds so fresh.

Blurry Visions is eight tracks deep, featuring production from Carlos, Foreignboi, Aplus, Nicasso Beats, and even Sias himself. The project opens with Sias crooning over cloudy 808s, periodic lasers and whistling keys on the track “Time.” Sias makes plenty of use of the popular sing-rap style, but on “No Luv,” he makes the transition into full-bown singing. We see more of Sias’ singing efforts on his tracks “Doing Me” and “Toxic” – the stand-out moments on the project.

Sias proves himself as a triple threat with his beat selection, sweet vocals, and his ability to conjure up songs that leave a lasting impact on the listener.

Enjoy 😉

More From Sias: 

Twitter/Instagram: @prod_sias


Become An Ally:

Twitter/Instagram: @obviousprop



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