A few weeks back, Austin artist QMaine OTCG DM’d us with a link to an Instagram post. The post was a snippet of a song titled “Double Up” by another artist named PRINCEPLUM. Impressed, we played the snippet a few times in a row before responding back with two words: “Austin based?”

Qmaine simply replied, “Yep.”

That was all we needed to know before we dived headfirst into PRINCEPLUM’s Soundcloud page. On our initial search, the profile was stacked with twenty or more genre-blending, jaw dropping tracks. Today, when you dig into at PRINCE’s catalog, you are only greeted with about eight (still genre-bending, still jaw dropping) tracks. Usually, we would complain about the scarcity, but we’re dealing with a sort of Frank Ocean-type scenario where literally every single track is amazing, so we’re willing to let the lack of tracks slide. Plus, we have feeling this guy is about to drop a full-length project soon.

Each track has a entirely different producer. This is pretty interesting because he manages to maintains his signature sound with his robotic, breathy voice and rapid beat chops. The thing is though, we’re not quite sure if the producers are real or if he’s actually producing his won work. We’re seeing consistency with a producer named Lord Karo and Lil True, but when you see no producer credited on some tracks and then out nowhere see something like,  “Prod. Chicken” you start to wonder. Either way this guys production is a breath of fresh air.

There’s a collab with Bbygoyard on “Nosferatu Hybrid” which absolutely bangs, but the deeper you dig, you can see that PRINCEPLUM can hold his own as a solo artist with tracks like “Nothin Gain” and “Childish.” On top of holding his own, PRINCE can effortlessly shifts to dance tracks like “SEX” then go full-on pop with a hint of Hip-Hop with his track “Alive.” We’re excited to here more and have to admittedly say that we are pretty fans over here.












Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/princeplum

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