Home Genesis, Pure

Home Genesis doesn’t hesitate to say his piece and share his raw, unfiltered thoughts on this Dirty Vans produced track. Genesis spits over aching guitar licks and soft, ghostly vocals, giving insight on the reasons behind his actions, noticing shifty characters and remaining solid as he navigates the music industry.  Genesis’ spirit is laid-back and calculated as he recalls the start of his music career back in 2016 being a means for fun and then eventually transforming into a dedicated passion. The passion he displays is proven when Genesis mentions not aiming for fame, but on a mission to change lives with music.

“Put all my blood, sweat and tears in this music shit…”

“I’ll even be writing shit in my coffin…”

For slackers, this track is a wake-up call. Home Genesis touches on competitors who are spending more time on Twitter and social media than actively building their brand and career. The laser focus from Home Genesis is impressive to watch and we’re excited to see what else he has in store.

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