Loui Cinco, No Soul

Our introduction to Loui Cinco was two years ago with “Swiper No Swiping” – a track with a flawless drip and a savage bounce. On the track, Loui detailed living through trials and tribulations, maintaining a poker face and being quick to take action in the face of enemies. “Swiper No Swiping” was Loui going bar for bar without a pause. He was really rapping and there was obviously more to come when it came to shaping Loui’s style.

Fast forward a year and Loui releases “Attached” followed by a few more tracks, including, “Dear You”. These tracks are Loui stepping out of his signature “no fucks given” attitude and jumping into using more melodies while maintaining his savage side. Less vindictive. More reflective. It’s refreshing to know Loui can go effortlessly from “I like bitches. I like money. I like drugs” to “I’ve been thinking lately, I’ve been acting crazy.”

All of these tracks were building up to Loui’s most recent release of the guitar-laden “No Soul.” Crisp hi hats. Subtle bass. Compared to the other tracks, “No Soul” is displaying a more confident and polished Loui Cinco. He’s on to something.

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