Peej Capeesh’s project Please Enjoy Each Joint is followed up with the release of the “Like Me” music video. Filmed and edited by Morty Zapata, the “Like Me” visual greets the viewers with lively narration from Satchi and quick, clean shots of Peej gearing up for the First Annual Peejy-A Tour. Capeesh’s humor and personality shines through as he morphs into a raunchy, yet skillful Chazz Michael-type character.

“It’s the Peejy-A Tour, motherfucker,” says Peej, looking dead into the camera with a golf tee lodged between his teeth then spitting it onto the ground with nonchalance. We’ve seen this intense energy before in sports and in nature. A flash of the teeth indicates that Peej is not here to play and he’s on a mission to prove that none of his competitors are anything like him; and Capeesh spitting that tee onto the ground proves that he can rap, golf and come up with little to no effort.

“I mean what I say and say what I mean. Just get to the the cash. ‘Cause that’s what I need.” –

The instrumentation of “Like Me” is bass heavy with sharp and fluttering, dripping bells. This is the Mogonye signature. This beat style matches Peej’s confident flow as he floats effortlessly on the track, hitting the beat with jab after jab after jab of hard lines. He even makes use of coughing to describe his “sick” flow.

“I’m the type to go get it and not talk about it. You the type to sneak diss then go lie about it.” –

“Prove myself. Never prove it to ’em. Talkin’ down. Had to do it to ’em. Fuck the clout. Who have you influenced.”

The music video is a fun ride, that gives us a visual of the charismatic personality behind the track. He woke up looking to kick some ass and Peej did it. He fucking kicked ass with this video.

Fucking Peejy-A Tour, baby.

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