Nicholas Whipps, 95

From his track Times Right to his latest release 95, Nicholas Whipps proves to be a master at releasing music at the perfect moment. 95 is an immediate ear catcher with its stuttering RPG-like synths and the intense energy from the banging hook. Nicholas quickly jumps into action with a fast-paced flow that gives a bit of background on how the Texan is handling the lockdown caused by COVID-19. Obviously, it’s causing an immense amount of creative energy to ooze out of Nicholas as he mentions long nights and having so many bops that people are are now referring to him as Kidz Bop.

The track itself is indeed a bop and it was confirmed as such previously by J Soulja (known for his Smokeout movement) who played the track on his Instagram live as he gave up and coming artists feedback on their most recent releases. Within the first few seconds of 95 being played, Soulja started to bob his head and we saw his stoic expression transform into that signature stank face that is associated with hearing a great song.

Clocking in at about two minutes, the track is short-lived, but it’s packed with so many clever punches, that we keep hitting the replay button to catch them all. Peep the full track below:






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