The Release of TEDDYTHELEGACY’s ‘Red Lights’ Music Video Stops Us In Our Tracks

We were looking for another excuse to revisit TEDDYTHELEGACY’s project POSTERCHILD and the recent music video release of ‘Red Lights’ is just that. The video opens with stunning views over downtown Austin, Texas, highlighting the Texas State Capitol and the Frost Bank Tower which gives the viewers a glimpse of TEDDY’s home.

“35. Now I’m back in town. Funny how they always come around.” – TEDDYTHELEGACY

‘Red Lights’ is the final track from the POSTERCHILD project, that details TEDDY’s choice to remain focused and consistent in the face of pain and heartbreak. TEDDY mentions the death of a brother and the loss of an intimate relationship, effecting his focus and inevitable causing him to go through the motions and even miss details and run red lights all the while staying on the course to achieve his goals and put on for his city.

“I’ve been going through it. Running red lights.”

It’s a beautiful and honest track with stunning cinematography from Jazz Carter. Peep the video below:








By @isispayne_

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