We love being put on to new music. We especially love being put on to new music by DJs. A few days ago, Fendibloodstain posted a song clip on his Instagram story, that immediately prompted us to hit his DM and figure out who the artist was. We were sent a Soundcloud link to TKDTHEPROPHET’S project titled STAND ALONE – a five-track project that stands out from the rest.

Usually, in the description of tracks, projects, whatever the artists include the sample list or even a cute note. What was interesting about STAND ALONE’s description was TKD’s simple “shout out to all the producers on this hoe.”

The producers on the project include Giovanni Gray, Okazaki, Vice, Yxngi, and Solace who all do a phenomenal job. Giovanni makes use of ghostly keys with Southern samples on “Last Straw”, leaving plenty of space for TKD to jump between sing-song cadences and full-blown rap. The track following “Last Straw titled “Bleeding Out” is our personal favorite off of the project.

Powdery guitar strokes with and feature from Zukorotten. Nuff said.

Shine is amazing, but STAIN PT. 2 really stands out. Good God. The track opens with a sample of a defiant battle-cry, “See you in Hell” and immediately catapults you into something that sounds alive. From the raspy breaths to the distorted bass and the constant record scratches, the track genuinely has a pulse that awakens the listener. We’re just wondering where we can find “Stain Pt. 1”.

The entire project flies by in once listen. And each track is true, strong and solid. Five true, strong and solid tracks. That’s kind of the only thing we ask for over here. Good looks, Fendi.



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