Fendibloodstain, Backpack ft. Black Kray (Fendibloodstain Remix)

Although everything on the planet is getting delayed, postponed and canceled, it looks as though theses strange times are just fueling Fendibloodstain’s fire. We’ve been anticipating the release of his project LETMEBLEEDINPEACE VOL.1 which, what we’ve been told is a mix he’s been nurturing for quite some time. That project has been delayed, but today, we got a cool remix of Cold Hart and Black Kray’s “Backpack” to make up for it.

We’ve managed to catch one of Fendi’s DJ sets live a while back in December at Electric Church and were thoroughly impressed by the song selection and use of effects and this remix is no exception to that. Fendi’s remix stays true to the original tune and he’s not shy to make use of chopping, piano keys, and cutting edge electronic elements. Fendi’s note to listeners is a simple one: “Just dropped. Show love or hate.” We’re going to make a point to show plenty of love for this one.


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