MACK$ is a versatile artist based out of Florida who is bringing the Miami heat through our headphones all the way to our base in Austin, Texas with his tracks “#FUCKTHATNIGGATHATTOOKMYAIRPODS” and “Look At The Stars.” The track “FTNTTMA” starts with low, menacing keys that call attention to MACK$ battle-like energy and lyrical content.  Not even thirteen seconds into the track, it is quickly revealed that MACK$ is not here to play and with a feature from LVLMBATT who brings his own fierce energy, it is proven that there is in fact,  there is a price to pay.

The next track that caught our ears was “Look At The Stars” which is a shift in energy and tone from “#FTNTTMA”. Less aggressive. More gentle. MACK$ uses a bit more melody and harmonizes over mellow keys and hi-hats, as he drafts a list of the many rendezvous points with an unnamed muse. MACK$ lists going to the hills, cashing in on some tickets, looking at the stars and even just getting lost in this crazy world.




You can find more from MACK$ on Spotify or simply follow the links below:



Instagram: @wakeouthill

Twitter: @trillem




Twitter: @obviousprop

Instagram: @obviousprop

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