Hailing from North Austin, Emilio proves to be a force that can’t be ignored with his #NoOffSZN Series. Every week, every Friday, Emilio is set to release a new track and has so far, released fourteen back to back via YouTube and other streaming platforms. Emilio’s sound is bright and drenched in southern flavor – saucy, even. And that sauce is absolutely oozing on his tracks ‘Let Them Know,’ ‘Ice In My Veins,’ and most recently, ‘Can’t Ignore.’

‘Can’t Ignore’ is the first official music video released from Emilio, featuring the classic corner store staple with a smooth, chilling beat produced by Layxk setting the stead-fast tone.  It’s a nice introduction to what more is to come. Emilio is dropping singles. He’s dropping music videos. And he’s even documenting the process and releasing weekly vlogs, detailing his recording process, his late nights and his pizza cravings. With that amount of consistency with content, we’re in for a ride. That ride being, a chance to witness the growth and evolution of an artist with incredible potential. We’re definitely keeping an eye out on this kid because with a  work ethic like that, eventually, you can’t be ignored.

What’s your favorite track from #NoOffSzn Fridays? Leave a comment below!


Instagram: https://instagram.com/512_emilio

Twitter: https://twitter.com/512_emilio

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0WGt65yOKP58smSTUvUOLm?si=s27lxTJrRSa7J1lHEJQ2xQ


Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/isispayne

Twitter: @isispayne_

Instagram: @isispayne_

Email: isis@obviousprop.com



Twitter: @obviousprop

Instagram: @obviousprop

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