With so many shows happening at once, the Obvious Propaganda team had to make some tough decisions on which shows to catch for Free Week 2020. On Friday, January 3rd, we decided to catch J Soulja and The Teeta at Empire Control & Garage before running over to Stubb’s to catch Ladi Earth and Shirt Off Fe. Our timing was perfect because we managed to walk into the Control Room right as J Soulja was taking the stage. The room was packed and J Soulja was right in the middle of making a deal with one of the audience members whos was, sitting in the back of the room.

“If you like this first song, you gotta come up here and fuck with me. ” – J Soulja

A challenge for sure, but Soulja was confident and opened up with ‘Boomin.’ Immediately hands were in the air, lyrics were shouted back and bodies were bouncing to the beat.

Although the entire crowd was invested in Soulja, there was still one lone member peeping the show from a distance.

“By the end of the night, you’re going to fuck with me. I promise.” – J Soulja

That didn’t hinder J a bit. He continued on with his set with a bit of friendly banter back and forth with DJ Napalm. The two had amazing chemistry, feeding off of each other with each song. As the set came to an end, Napalm and Soulja left the choice of the next song up to the audience based on enthusiasm. And the fans were over the moon. When Soulja informed the crowd that the show was coming to a close and he could only do two more, they were quick to shout out “Ten more!”

“Ten more? Fuck it. Let’s do it!” – J Soulja

Soulja didn’t give the stage manager a heart attack by going over his scheduled time, but he did end his set with his remix of TDE’s very own ‘Flick It Up’ which was recently chosen as one of the Top 5 in the recent Flick It Up Challenge. And on top of that, J Soulja managed to convert that shy audience member into a fan. He spoke it into fruition.


The clock was ticking to catch Ladi Earth and we were getting antsy. It’s always a blessing to see The Teeta live and he hopped on stage with divine timing, interacting with the crowd, letting them know he was there for them.

“Scoot up a little closer, we gotta do this together. This ain’t my show, this your show.” – The Teeta

“I always like to start off with that one so y’all know I’m the best rapper”

The Teeta is one of our favorite rappers, arguably one of the bestand it was only fitting for him to use that statement to segway into ‘World Domination.’

Teeta joked with the crowd, garnering plenty of laughs and enthusiasm and gave us a bit of background of his track ‘Stripper Era,’ stating that after he made the cover of The Austin Chronicle, he had his mother drop him off at the strip club at 10 am due to his car being in the shop.

A stand out moment from The Teeta’s set was during his performance of ‘Stripper Era’ his lyrics “Boss babe go and get yourself a raise” caused all of the women in the venue to explode and cheer. A fun set and a great experience. All hail The Teeta. Big 2400 shit.

Who did you guys catch during Free Week? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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