If you’re a true fan of the Austin music scene, then you’re familiar with the true New Years kick-off that is Free Week – a music festival held at multiple venues (Stubb’s, Mohawk, Cheer Up Charlie’s, Scratchouse, Barracuda, Empire Control Room & Garage) over the span of a few days. This year’s lineup is impressive and stacked with bands and musicians ranging from rockabilly to neo-soul.

Thursday, however, was kicked off with the Hip-Hop focused Dirtbaglife showcase featuring Yung Bambi, JAYMONEYKREAM, CP Loony, QMaine OTCG, TEDDYTHELEGACY, NHL Strap, Swamp G, Baby Chxno, Twenty, and Ram.

The night started off cool and calm with Twenty (who was sporting TEDDYTHELEGACY’S POSTER CHILD merchandise) soundtracking the first hour with tracks from Baby Keem, JACKBOYS, and IAMWVS. Shortly after, Swamp G took the stage with charm and performed a few tracks. Our personal favorite being ‘Yoshimitsu 2019’ and ‘White Claw.’

“I dont drink white claw anymore because that shit is intense, but this track is called White Claw.” – Swamp G

After a brief intermission with some tunes from Baby Chino to hype up the crowd, NHL Strap took the stage accompanied by Bosrico and Marco the Narco, hyping up the crowd with a few blunt passes here and there.

Shortly after, it was time for TEDDYTHELEGACY’s set. He opened up with ‘OhEmmGee’ and out of nowhere San Antonio artist A.J. Bray hops on stage for his verse and there is an immediate shift in energy from the crowd.

TEDDY takes a quick breather to shout out The Teeta who is featured ‘Dungeon’, but instead of letting the track play out, Teeta – who is always lurking in the shadows – appears for his verse.

“That was all organic. I didn’t even know he was going to be here.” – TEDDYTHELEGACY

TEDDY has a smooth style and makes a point to check in on the crowd to test the energy.  Now, there are obvious fans in the crowd and this is made apparent when TEDDY  goes on to introduce his track ‘Free Agent’ and teach the audience the hook.

“Just got traded. Got a new bitch and she got paper…”

Before he could finish the instructions, an enthusiastic fan was there,  screaming back the lyrics. AW YEAH.

As the venue filled up more and more throughout the night, it eventually came time for QMaine OTCG to take the stage for his “final performance.”

The entire showcase was a great experience, especially with the auto-tune vocals from Ram, the captivating energy from CP Loony and the overall astounding sets from Yung Bambi and JAYMONEYKREAM.  So astounding, that we had to sit our phone down and just enjoy the show. Free Week 2020 was one for the books and we can’t wait to see what these artists have in store for the rest of this year.