GENGVR, Never Felt (prod. DARKBOY)

Before 2019 ended, GENGVR released a series of tracks that, to say the least, BANG. Our personal favorites are Too Emotional, 666 Broken Hearts, Too Much and a rare track titled Where’ve You Been. 

GENGVR’s stand out track, though is his most recent release Never Felt. Never Felt is the most upbeat compared to the tracks listed above with their somber, often forlorn lyrics over booming 808s and gentle guitar riffs. This track is different. Although sounding the same in tone compared to his previous work, Never Felt’s subject matter features a positive outlook inspired by (like most songs) a girl, setting it apart from the rest.

“Told her that I never felt like this before…

The way you treat me just leaves me wanting more…”

Memorable lyrics over a booming beat with an overall catchy sound is what gives this track high replayability. In other words, BRO FUCKING SNAPPED.

“I recorded it in my bedroom and had @tb.atx mix and master. I had found the beat on YouTube and had created a catchy melody that complimented the melodies he had on the beat. I’ve dealt with a lot of heartbreak, so I wanted this song to be about someone who really held it down when I really didn’t have to ask. It’s funny because I’ve shown her (the track) and she doesn’t even know it’s about her.”

The growth in GENGVR’s music is there and we’re excited to see what else he has in store.



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