20MADEIT Artwork

20MADEIT, Brand New (2019)

Austin, Texas has a plethora of sounds that are waiting to be discovered and one of the artists contributing to that magical pocket of sound is 20MADEIT with his latest project “Brand New.” Clocking in under 15 minutes, “Brand New” is a 6 track EP with a solid, pulsing rhythm.

The tracklist includes thumping beats with some slower, ethereal tracks sprinkled throughout. 20MADEIT touches on struggling to remain sober and impatience with the game, causing him to seek independence to tackle down his goals.

20MADEIT’s voice is robotic and methodical, making use of breathy melodies, remincent to 2000s R&B.

Future influence perhaps?

For 6 tracks, the project is ultimately solid with a high replayability. The project is only 20 days old and were excited to see what 20MADEIT will bring to the table in 2020.





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