2/4, Jaron Randolph | Artwork CJ Cerulean

Despite life “getting real” lately for Jaron Randolph, the young hustler has remained consistent by giving us multiple releases this past quarter with LiTE DRIP, 1/4 and most recently, 2/4.

With such similar titles, it’s only safe to assume that Jaron will be gifting us with two more projects respectively titled 3/4 and 4/4.

2/4 is a collection of three tracks with production from Mogonye and newcomer Pluto. Mogonye and Jaron go hand and hand, cultivating and cementing their own unique sound with “Rakeyon” and “DigiScale.” The third and final track “Sanitizer” gives us a taste of how Jaron can coast over lighter, guitar-heavy instrumentation with Pluto providing the all new vibes.

Jaron’s sound is self aware and tenacious as he croons over warbling effects about his determination to get rich which he has mentioned repeatedly as his main goal this year.

Guap in my hand and I know that they watching

Had to think twice, put it back in my pocket

I got a vibe and I know that they want it

Price gon be high if you willin to cop

– “DigiScale”

Along with the determination, Jaron speaks of having visions of success. As long as he keeps this quality up, those visions will soon become a reality.


Instagram| @jaronrandolph

Twitter | @jaronrandolph


Instagram | @mogonyegotthejuice

Twitter | @mogogotthejuice

Soundcloud | Mogonye

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