TEDDYTHELEGACY Stomps On The Competition With The Release of “Free Agent”

Yesterday, TEDDYTHELEGACY took to Twitter as the platform of choice to nonchalantly announce the release of his latest track “Free Agent.”

Attached to the tweet, was a Triller video. The video was simple enough, but the track that played in the background while Teddy playfully stomped on the camera was nothing but.

“Free Agent” is one minute and fourty-nine seconds of smooth instrumentation from Gerreaux and memorable lines worth chanting. The track has been received well from listeners and has even caused an uproar due to the tracks short lifespan, but this looks like it can play in Teddy’s favor. The track is a certified banger and with it being under two minutes, it reeks of high replay value.

Just got traded

Got a new bitch

And she got paper

Uh, yeah

I don’t care what he did, nigga

Free da guys





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