A few weeks ago, Qmaine OTCG DM’d us a link to an Instagram post. The post was a snippet of a song titled “Double Up” by an artist named PRINCEPLUM. We immediatly messaged Q back with two words: “Austin based?” Qmaine responded with a simple “yes” and that was pretty much all we needed to know before we launched head first into PRINCEPLUM’s SoundCloud page. When we intially started digging through his profile, we discovered over thirty genre-blending, jaw dropping tracks. Today, though, when you open his profile, you’re only greeted by eight (still genre-bending, still jaw dropping) tracks. As curious as we are as to find out what happened to the other tracks, we’re just going to let it go for now and appreciate the songs that are still available to stream because we know at the very least, a new project is on the way. Peep a few of his tracks below:







Instagram: @PRINCEPLUM

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/princeplum

Become An Ally:

Instagram: @obviousprop

Twitter: @obviousprop

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/obviousprop

Submissions: obviousprop.com/submit


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