The birthday release of Catch Me If You Can, a seven-track EP, officially introduces us to @BabyGuwop512; a clean, cool character who is blurring the lines between trap themes and bubblegum pop with the help of his teammate @scpjcksn; who adds a powerful force in the tone of the project with his luxurious and lively production.

They like, “Damn, how you get like that?”

Catch Me If You Can begins with “Amy Winehouse.” The opening track is a composed take on braggadocio rap. Here, Guwop isn’t being boastful or arrogant. He’s telling us straight facts. He’s letting us see him for who he truly is. He’s answering our questions just enough to understand, but never truly know.

“That bitch going down, cause I’m coming up.”

The entire tone of the album is exciting and bustling with energy, but Guwop, on the other hand, sounds used to this. Sounding effortless and weaving through tracks with wit and melody, Guwop gives us plenty of space by saying enough to move a listener with hard-hitting lines, but not cramming the track entirely. A simple, yet calculated approach.

With recurring themes of drugs, and titling tracks “Amy Winehouse” and “Kurt Cobain,” these small details prompt the idea that this album can be one of two things: A tribute to musicians and icons who have fallen young due to drugs, or a love-sick ode to the party lifestyle all the while repping Texas. Rockstar shit either way.

The title is what catches you, though. Catch Me If You Can is also a 2002 Steven Spielberg directed crime-biography starring Leonardo Dicaprio. It follows the life of Frank William Abignale who spends his young adulthood traveling the world on pure charm and finesse. From Guwop’s background with finessing, we can say he mirrors the protagonist to at.

Designer clothes, steak, shrimp and a side piece that looks like Selena…we can only hope we can catch up to Baby Guwop in a life moving to so fast. Luckily we have an outstanding debut of an EP to hold us over.


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