The months leading up to ‘Scorpion’ have been fun and lighthearted.

We got Drake displaying his humanitarian efforts with “God’s Plan”

and praising independent women on “Nice For What.” Soon after the release of

those leading singles, the energy shifted and so did the opinions of the hip-hop community along

with Drake’s diehard-since-like-room-for-improvement fans.

It was the release of Pusha T’s diss track “The Story of Adidon” that shifted the

energy and may have even derailed the rest of the ‘Scorpion’ rollout.

The artwork featured a disturbing image of a much younger

Drake (post-Degrassi, pre-Comeback Season era) in blackface ,

but the subject that stood out the most was the reveal of Drake’s secret child.

This led to radio silence from Drake and the rest of the OVO team for two weeks.

Everyone wanted a response from Drizzy and that made his silence all the more powerful,

making ‘Scorpion’ one of the most anticipated albums of 2018. To sum up the beef,

the rumors are confirmed, but let’s get to the stats and music.

This 25-track double album has already broken streaming records. On Spotify,

The Boy has achieved 80M listens in the United States and 132M worldwide.

This is just first day streams. This has pushed his entire album into the top 25 of the Top 200 charts.

On Apple, ‘Scorpion’ is the number one album in 92 countries with 170M streams worldwide. Sheesh.

As for the music, we’ve got an A Side and a B Side to dive into.

The A Side is the rap focused portion that addresses the fued with Pusha, his secret child and of course,

his growing pains with fame and success.

“I wasn’t hiding my kid from the world, I was hiding the world from my kid.”
“My Mount Rushmore is me with four different expressions.”

The B Side (a personal favorite) opens with Summer Games, transforming the

commanding album into a steamy, sultry R&B focused ride.

A great compilation of Drake tracks and interesting, subtle use of new vocal techniques.

We’ve heard A lot of mixed reviews from fans, but we think this album shows how

Drake can keep up with the times and push boundaries without alienating anyone.

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