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You Know You Fucked Up When @9LostBoi Let’s Curt Hurt Come Out To Play

In the past few months, Lost Boi has given hints about the new direction of his music career. He’s spoken of adding “more of a grunge feel” to his tracks and has recently changed his social media avatars to photos of Kurt Cobain. Aside from the Nirvana references (“Rockstar”), Lost Boi has even introduced a new persona: Curt Hurt.

“Shoutout My Haters” was our first taste of this character, but “FUCKTHATSHIT” is actually the first official Curt Hurt single. Loud, intense and full of ardor, Curt Hurt informs us of his inability to chill and his need to rage. The track clocks in at one minute and twenty-five seconds, but Curt brings just enough energy to open a pit and rage.



Twitter: @9lostboi

Instagram: @9lostboi


Twitter: @obviousprop

Instagram: @obviousprop




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