The approach Ever Scxrletts take on “Scarlett Mansion Freestyle” is childs play. Effotless. The wilder the lines, the more indifferent Ever sounds.

“Between the world and me, it ain’t personal, but you might die…nigga.”

Ever is not playing around, giving us a crystal clear visual of what he’d do, letting us know it’s nothing personal. Ever has a lot to say about the people in his circle, pointing out their shifty ways and inflated egos.

“Niggas ’round me fake egos now…”

There’s no signs of slowing down with this natural flow, but what makes this track interesting is the way Ever chooses to express himself with back to back metaphors and allegories especially ones having to do with sight;

Seeing through the viel it’s like agartha

Looking at the gold I let it sparkle

Seeing through my heart like garçons

Interesting use of senses. But what really brings this track together is the guest vocals from Alex Piper. The “yeahs” and the “woahs” definately fill the gaps, but man does Piper know how to add a new inflictiom to his voice that give this track a bit more life.

All-in-all, Ever gives us a dope track.

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