We’re introduced to this track with a single instagram post and the caption; “I wanted to spit some real shit about my life and life in general so I made this very lyrical song titled, Quentin’s Diary.”

Quentin’s Diary opens with HBK detailing his stuggle with temptation for a quick come up over a light piano trail tucked underneath a banging boom bap beat.

Devils keep telling me

I ain’t gonna make some money ‘less I start sellin weed

Moody with no dank, HBK goes back and fourth between a calm, awareness and melancony paranoia. Things are moving fast in HBK’s life. Still in high school and new to life, he manages to process the loss of friends, being in a different location every night and taking a stand by demanding more for what he’s worth.

He’s about to go up, so why wouldn’t he demand more?

After four minutes, the track switches and adds electronica elements.

I’m just a human, no, I’m not perfect

Again, HBK is aware with a positive attitude. On the second half of the track, HBK relaizes there’s inspiration everywhere as he reflects on being homeless in the past and now having the power to have more meaning behind his movement, but not sure which direction to take.

His aim is to be respected and it looks like he’s on the way to gaining that because his work ethic is unmatched.


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