Rappin’Queen, Young female Hip-Hop Artist/ Engineer whom writes, produce, engineer and markets her own music. out of Houston, Texas, with so many talents pertaining to the music business. Surely to be at the top with determination and hard work. Expressing how she feels starting with ink ending in the booth with her dramatic Adlib affects. Queen is 23 23years young and has already accomplished so much in her ongoing career such as becoming a part of MR WIRED UP TRP GANG LABEL, FLEET RADIO HOST, radio spins from 93.7 the beat as well as in rotation at KJCB in lafayette and Powerhouse 106.1 Detroit . SXSW PERFORMANCES WITH OVER 2500 ATTENDEES, video shoot appearances, top of the line studio recordings, engineering/producing experience, certified copy and print and more! Ready for the world to sit back and watch her grow.

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