With the opening line being “I pull up with them demons,” Hop Out is – in a way – a word of caution for anyone thinking they can try or say some stupid shit.

Modeine wastes no time at all to come at the ones playing games or direspecting his rhymes as he floats with awareness comfortably over Steelo Foreigns clean production.

Modeine gives the listener two minutes and seventeen seconds of flames. Straight fucking flames. He goes back and fourth between his past and present state of mind and even gives us a glimpse of his lowest point in 2013 which explains his low patience.

…I got an anger problem, don’t be sayin stupid shit

At some point, we all realize some of the people we are surrounded by can be foeish. Instead of getting stuck in a loop, Modeine gets to work and focuses on keeping his pockets swole.

That focus must be paying off because he delivered one hell of track.


Twitter: @modeine27

Instagram: @modeine27

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/78744g


Twitter: @steeloforeign

Instagram: @steeloforeign

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/steeloforeign

Contact: steeloforeign@gmail.com


Twitter: @obviousprop

Instagram: @obviousprop

Submit: obviousprop.com/submit

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