The rap game has taken an interesting turn ever since Sauve dropped his new 18-track album Going Far. Full of massive, knock out tracks with production from  Tori 4AM, Dunnaveli, Sexysnake, QuaybandzBeatsbytre and Steelo Foreign – Sauve comes in harder than ever before, setting himself and the 4:AM gang up for an insane year.

From Walk to Tinder Swipe to Gameboi Sauve there’s a  playful, yet ruthless tone sprinkled throughout. We first heard Walk being played during soundcheck at #FreshBaked and were left in shock to realize it was Gameboi Sauve himself. It’s an instant ear catcher and Dunnaveli absolutely fucking crushed it on their end with the production.

From Dunnavelli’s hell-raising bass and sonar pings and Sauve’s killer Freddy Kruger flow, these two managed to create not only one hell of an opener, but one hell of a battle cry as well.

The album progresses with soft, lush tones and some impressive features from Trae Cane, Lost Boi, and Lil Juice.

On Like Mike, Sauve effortlessly coasts on the track with a smooth chorus, but the standout line is:

niggas wanna live my life,

but dont wanna pay the price

Trae Cane continues this idea with a line like:

Most of these niggas is passive

I make the money do backflips

These lines, this collaboration reveals an idea of what true hustling is.

Lost Boi takes the lead in Blastoff  bringing in the out of this world vibes. Along with Lil Juice giving us a taste of the slower, in your feel vibes.

The rest of the album displays Sauves versatile ability as an artist. Expanding on his narration, ad-libs and experimentation, Sauve makes Going Far a purposeful evolution towards stardom.


Twitter: @desauve

Instagram: @sauvesidle



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